Earning Continuing Education Credits at the 2017 MYC

One question that has come up a few times is whether a yoga instructor can earn continuing education credits at the MYC. While different registries and organizations have different requirements for continuing education, this post will be focused on Yoga Alliance RYTs and how they can earn continuing education credits at the 2017 MYC.

So...can you earn continuing education credits at the 2017 MYC? In a word, yes! And even better, they can count towards your contact hours requirement. It's worth understanding though the different ways Yoga Alliance says you can earn continuing education credits and to understand why you can indeed earn these credits at the MYC. Let's dive in!

According the the Yoga Alliance page dedicated to continuing education, they say:

Every three years starting from your initial date of registration, all RYTs - including Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers - must complete and log a minimum of:
  1. 45 hours teaching yoga, and
  2. 30 hours of yoga related training that is directly related to one of our Educational Categories, of which:

Regarding who exactly can provide this continuing education, so that you can earn your credits, the Yoga Alliance outlines the various ways:

Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs) must ensure they obtain Continuing Education from a qualified provider who meets any of the criteria below:
  1. A YACEP whose membership is current, or
  2. An Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT®) who is currently registered, or
  3. Someone who has both professional experience and substantial education related to one or more of the Yoga Alliance Educational Categories. The Provider must be able to document or demonstrate his/her relevant experience and education, and may provide Continuing Education only in their area(s) of expertise.*

To be clear, the MYC is not a "Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider." Given the clear boundaries they've drawn around yoga therapy, it's unlikely we'd every pursue that designation as a conference

However, there are still many ways to earn continuing education credits at the MYC.

First, many of the instructors that will be teaching at the MYC are E-RYTs and so these hours meet the second criteria outlined above.  But beyond that, all the instructors meet the criteria outlined in category three.

For example, Dr. Tiffany Denny will be teaching two workshops on Anatomy at the MYC. As a board certified orthopedic specialist, and a licensed physical therapist, any hours you take with Tiffany still count towards your continuing education in the Anatomy and Physiology category. Likewise, everyone teaching at the MYC has "both professional experience and substantial education related to one or more of the Yoga Alliance Educational Categories" and therefore the hours you spend in workshop with them do indeed count towards your continuing education.  

The four categories are:

  1. Techniques, Training and Practice
  2. Teaching Methodology
  3. Anatomy & Physiology
  4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

We were mindful as we put together our schedule to ensure that Registered Yoga Teachers would have multiple opportunities to earn continuing education credits across all the categories Yoga Alliance has set out, and we're thrilled that we'll have so many opportunities for instructors to earn these credits at the 2017 MYC. 

Have more questions? Leave a comment for us below!



Announcing the Complete Schedule of Events for the 2017 MYC!

I'm excited to announce today the complete and full schedule of events for the 2017 MYC! While we previously announced our presenters in July, we've been working hard to put together a schedule of events that can't be found anywhere else.

With our schedule now complete, you can view over 35 workshops to choose from over the weekend, along with ten individual all day intensives on Friday, to build the weekend that's best for you.

Along with the full schedule, we have a number of big things to announce:

  • Indu Arora and Molly McManus have collaborated to create a Yoga Therapy Tract for the 2017 conference. If you're interested in the field of Yoga Therapy, you will not want to miss this opportunity. 
  • We've been extremely mindful as we created the schedule to allow people to build their own tracts to explore the topics they're most interested in. Included are Anatomy, Bringing Yoga to Children, a Handstands Master Tract and mini-tracts for Accessability  and Check out some recommendations on our tracts page.
  • Mary Bue (Formerly of Duluth, now of Minneapolis) will be performing a live music set for us on Friday night as we open the weekend. This will follow shortly after the opening Vinyasa with Ben and Tori.
  • Kristi Taylor will be joining us, teaching two Acro Yoga Workshops over the weekend
  • During our 90 minute breaks and breakout sessions, we'll have Aerial Yoga, Private Yoga Sessions, Bodywork, Energywork and light food and snacks for attendees. Check out the details on the Saturday and Sunday detailed description pages.
  • We'll also have a photo station set up and all attendees can get professional head-shot with Kirstin Pope of Ripple Design and Photography. This will be included in the price of a conference pass.

Very lastly, our regular pricing will only be available for 2 more months. Late registration pricing kicks in on February 3, 2017 - exactly 30 days before the conference. All ticket prices will increase by $50 after February 3rd so you may want to consider buying your pass today!

We're so excited with the wonderful lineup we've put together, and grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of instructors. We hope you love what we've put together, and we'll see you in March!


Announcing our second group of instructors for the 2017 MYC!

I'm thrilled to announce today the second group of instructors that will be presenting at the 2017 Minneapolis Yoga Conference. Following our initial announcement of ten instructors last month, today we're announcing an additional eight world class instructors that will round out the Friday intensives and weekend workshops.

Collectively, this group of 18 instructors will offer ten Friday intensives, scores of weekend workshops and afford an opportunity for conference-goers to create their own mini-tracts with specific areas of concentration ranging from Yoga Therapy to Yoga Accessibility to Anatomy Focused Yoga and Yoga for Educators.

The next group of instructors

Rolf Gates, Instructor and Author of Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga will be teaching a Friday intensive and 3 workshops all focused on helping you deepen your practice, and for instructors, giving you additional knowledge and insights for how to connect with yourself and your students. 

David Regelin will join us as well, teaching an all day intensive on Friday, along with three workshops over the weekend. David was recently named one of the 100 most influential yoga instructors in North America, and will bring his unique offering that incorporates vinyasa and inversions, with a keen awareness of where yoga takes us beyond the physical postures. If you enjoy handstands, you will not want to miss David's workshop. 

You will have an opportunity explore Classical Yoga vs. Modern Yoga during a Friday intensive with Arundhati Baitmangalkar. Born and raised in India, and then having moved to Seattle in 2012, Arundhati brings a unique and fun perspective on the differences between yoga in the east and yoga in the west. Having studied in India with numerous yoga masters, including Geeta Iyengar, the late B.K.S Iyengar’s daughter, and now also running a studio in Seattle, Arundhati brings a deep understanding of yoga along with an appreciation for how yoga has made it's way into the consciousness of the average American. 

Dr. Tiffany Denny will teach 2 workshops over the weekend, one of which will be all about keeping your feet happy! As a board certified orthopedic specialist and yoga studio owner, Tiffany brings deep knowledge of human anatomy, a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the American healthcare system and first hand experience of the power that yoga has to heal. Tiffany will also be coordinating with Lara Parkin, exercise science expert and studio owner living in Aikin, MN to create an offering for those who want to dive deep into exploring the human body and the role yoga plays within it.

For those who enjoy moving beyond the physical and are interested in the spiritual aspects of yoga, you can join Gracia Gimse McKinley for a two hour workshop on sunday morning to explore the various meanings of Namaste, awaking consciousness and the interconnection of all of humanity. Gracia is the founder of My Spririt Community and is also an ordained Swami. 

Kathy Flaminio is the founder of 1000 Petals, holds a masters degree in social work, and studied for a full year how Yoga has been, and can be, incorporated into the school system. Kathy will be teaching an all day intensive on Friday, specifically geared toward educators and others working with children, so that they may bring specific yoga techniques into their classrooms and professions. Kathy will also be coordinating with Jes Rosenberg, announced in the first set of announcements, for those interested in a tract geared towards educators and instructors that work with, or want to work with, children. 

And last, but certainly not least, Julia Thiesen will join us as our Master of Ceremonies and will also teach a Yin class on Saturday evening. As a yoga teacher, studio owner, and the producer of the Dubuque Yoga Festival, Julia brings a depth of knowledge and decades of experience in both the practice of yoga and the business of yoga. 

Up next!

I couldn't be happier with the lineup of these eighteen instructors from all over America! As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, this will round out our Friday intensives and weekend workshop announcements.

We'll have one more set of announcements to outline the numerous activities that will be available during the 90 minute sessions, between the two hour workshops, and of course we'll continue to post more updates as we finalize all the details, descriptions, and time slots for the various workshop offerings. 

We hope you're as excited as we are, and if you haven't bought your pass yet - hit that big button below!

Introducing the 4th Annual Minneapolis Yoga Conference

Over the past month we've been working hard to put together the initial framework for the 2017 Minneapolis Yoga Conference to help keep the momentum going from the 2016 conference, and to demonstrate our commitment to the Minneapolis Yoga Community following Tula's acquisition of the conference.

I'm very excited to announce today an initial group of instructors, the schedule we intend to follow, our vendor and sponsorship opportunities and our pricing for ticket purchasers. For those who want to show early support for the 2017 conference in exchange for a steep discount, we're offering two early-bird prices which you can check out on our pricing page.

The First Group of Presenters

We're announcing today our first group of teachers that will be presenting at the 2017 conference. Indu Arora and Molly McManus will be teaching 5 workshops between them, and Indu Arora will be teaching an intensive on Friday. Through their workshops we'll have a Yoga Therapy tract of sorts, that will afford you the opportunity to take over 15 hours of instruction from two of the most important leaders in the industry. 

Faith Hunter will be bringing her Spiritually Fly self to the 2017 conference and will be leading an intensive on Friday, 4 workshops over the weekend, and will be opening the conference on sunday morning with a group meditation. I'm so excited that Faith is going to be such a big part of the conference. She has an amazing way of being a superstar and an approachable human all at the same time and I have enormous gratitude for her presence in 2017.

Simon Park of Liquid Flow Yoga, and a oneoeight.tv guide is an international yoga instructor and will be teaching an intensive on Friday along with four full workshops over the weekend. I'm excited about all that Simon offers and what he'll be  bringing to the MYC. His Asana is amazing and beautiful and he'll be talking about the ways you can use Asana to take your entire practice deeper.

Jessica Rosenberg, a presenter in 2015, will be teaching a Chair Yoga intensive on Friday, along with 2 workshops over the weekend focused on kids yoga, both of which are designed to give instructors more tools in their professional toolbox. In this same regard, the woman with whom I take private lessons in Chicago, Natalie McGreal, will be teaching an intensive on Friday about the Art of the Private Lesson. She'll also be teaching a couple workshops over the weekend on relaxation and self care. 

Two people that I met at another of my favorite yoga conferences, The Namas Day Festival in Philadelphia, will be attending as well: Marni Scarloff and Leo Rising. Marni will be teaching three workshops, one of which will be a transformative hip opener class that I found so impactful I wrote about it in a blog post. eo is yoga teacher in Manhattan with beautiful energy, deep wisdom and a playful kick and he'll be teaching two workshops that will challenge you in a good way.

My wife Maile, the owner of Tula Yoga Studio which started this whole crazy ride, will be teaching an intensive on Friday all about owning a yoga studio. This intensive will be open only to studio owners. If you own a yoga studio, you will meet other people who struggle with the same things you struggle with, learn from people who have tacit knowledge of how to overcome particular challenges and walk away with an intimate network of fellow studio owners. 

Nathan Paulus is an advanced instructor at Tula Yoga Studio in Chicago and will be teaching two workshops at the 2017 MYC. With a particular focus on Hatha yoga, and an emphasis on alignment, Nathan has found that many people benefit from a gentler, but no less intense practice. I'm thrilled that the MYC community will have the opportunity to learn from Nathan.

Last, but definitely not least, Tori Reyndolds will be leading the opening ceremony celebration vinyasa with guitar and other acoustics played by Ben Rivet. Tori and Ben have led hundreds of GO W/ THE FLOW events around the country, and they've created an important and unique way of introducing yoga to newcomers, and bringing veteran yogis to a playful place. 

Early Bird Pricing Available through June 30th, 2016

We're still adding a few more instructors and lining up all sorts of other things like henna artists, slack-lines, bodyworkers and more for the 2017 conference. For those of you who want to show your early support for our vision of the 2017 conference we're offering a steep discount for a very limited time. These are the only discounts that will be available for the 2017 conference.

We'll still be working with studio partners to promote the MYC and reward them for their help in promoting the event, but discounts will not be a part of those in 2017.

We're so excited with what we've put together so far, and we look forward to making more announcements in the weeks and months ahead!