Earning Continuing Education Credits at the 2017 MYC

One question that has come up a few times is whether a yoga instructor can earn continuing education credits at the MYC. While different registries and organizations have different requirements for continuing education, this post will be focused on Yoga Alliance RYTs and how they can earn continuing education credits at the 2017 MYC.

So...can you earn continuing education credits at the 2017 MYC? In a word, yes! And even better, they can count towards your contact hours requirement. It's worth understanding though the different ways Yoga Alliance says you can earn continuing education credits and to understand why you can indeed earn these credits at the MYC. Let's dive in!

According the the Yoga Alliance page dedicated to continuing education, they say:

Every three years starting from your initial date of registration, all RYTs - including Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers - must complete and log a minimum of:
  1. 45 hours teaching yoga, and
  2. 30 hours of yoga related training that is directly related to one of our Educational Categories, of which:

Regarding who exactly can provide this continuing education, so that you can earn your credits, the Yoga Alliance outlines the various ways:

Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs) must ensure they obtain Continuing Education from a qualified provider who meets any of the criteria below:
  1. A YACEP whose membership is current, or
  2. An Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT®) who is currently registered, or
  3. Someone who has both professional experience and substantial education related to one or more of the Yoga Alliance Educational Categories. The Provider must be able to document or demonstrate his/her relevant experience and education, and may provide Continuing Education only in their area(s) of expertise.*

To be clear, the MYC is not a "Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider." Given the clear boundaries they've drawn around yoga therapy, it's unlikely we'd every pursue that designation as a conference

However, there are still many ways to earn continuing education credits at the MYC.

First, many of the instructors that will be teaching at the MYC are E-RYTs and so these hours meet the second criteria outlined above.  But beyond that, all the instructors meet the criteria outlined in category three.

For example, Dr. Tiffany Denny will be teaching two workshops on Anatomy at the MYC. As a board certified orthopedic specialist, and a licensed physical therapist, any hours you take with Tiffany still count towards your continuing education in the Anatomy and Physiology category. Likewise, everyone teaching at the MYC has "both professional experience and substantial education related to one or more of the Yoga Alliance Educational Categories" and therefore the hours you spend in workshop with them do indeed count towards your continuing education.  

The four categories are:

  1. Techniques, Training and Practice
  2. Teaching Methodology
  3. Anatomy & Physiology
  4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

We were mindful as we put together our schedule to ensure that Registered Yoga Teachers would have multiple opportunities to earn continuing education credits across all the categories Yoga Alliance has set out, and we're thrilled that we'll have so many opportunities for instructors to earn these credits at the 2017 MYC. 

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