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David at the 2017 MYC

  • Friday Intensive
  • 3 Weekend Workshops 

Physical Origami: Extended Version with David Regelin


There are only so many ways in which the body is designed to fold. Learn unique and progressive sequences that exemplify how the body is made to fit together.  We begin by examining some of the most foundational postures that are necessary to progress towards the vast array of bound and folded yoga postures that one might one day practice. We continue by putting these together into sequences that are worth practicing in repetition.

This workshop will act as the base and foundation of other workshops taught by David including Sun salutations, Stepping salutations, Vinyasa Upaya and the Architecture of Backward and Forward bending and will serve to illuminate that because yoga postures are revelatory and dynamic examples of our everyday posture, they offer a range of opportunities self adjust.


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