The Chakras In Action: Sequencing + Theming Using the Chakras as a Foundation with Rolf Gates

The Chakras chart a course across our lived by defining key relationships that have to be resolved on the path to spiritual maturity. They are an energetic link between the manifest and the un-manifest dimensions in our lives and the place in which thought becomes form and where true integration of experience happens (to include mental, emotional and physical trauma). Learn more.

Dynamic Flow, Prana Vinyasa Sequencing, and Artful Assists with Simon Park

Join Simon as he guides a one day immersion toward elevating and refining your practice and teaching to another level. Develop a more integrated understanding of anatomy in a yogic context to support you in deepening your personal practice and teaching skills. Learn more.

Vagina Warrior: Awaken the Sacred Goddess with Faith Hunter

In this remarkable full day immersion made for women only, Faith will teach students how to use yoga as a way to regain their ancient sense of feminine power.  Liberate your spirit by facing your fears, harnessing your warrior strength, and celebrating your unique qualities.  Learn more.

Physical Origami: Extended Version with David Regelin

There are only so many ways in which the body is designed to fold. Learn unique and progressive sequences that exemplify how the body is made to fit together.  We begin by examining some of the most foundational postures that are necessary to progress towards the vast array of bound and folded yoga postures that one might one day practice. We continue by putting these together into sequences that are worth practicing in repetition. Learn more.

Yoga Therapy Intensive with Indu Arora

Yoga is a complete spiritual practice and that is why it is considered Sadhana. However, it offers about 12 tools that can be used as a part of wellbeing/ therapy for everyday imbalances along with Ayurveda. Without understanding of Ayurveda, the knowledge of Yoga as Therapy is not only incomplete but impossible. Learn more.


Moving and Learning: Helping educators create safe classrooms with Heart, Mind, and Body w/ Kathy Flaminio

This workshop will focus on providing tools and information for educators and others that work with children to help them bring the benefits of yoga to those they serve. Learn more.

The Art of Private Instruction with Natalie McGreal

Join Natalie McGreal, 500RYT, Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher and an original co-creator of Chicago's Relaxapalooza, for an all day intensive. You'll learn ways to attract clients, market and promote your offering, create a unique experience by incorporating elements of your personal expertise, and how to hold space for a single individual so that you can build a portfolio of private clients.

With a full calendar group classes and individual privates, Natalie will teach you the specific tactics she's used to build a successful and thriving independent business. Learn more.

Sustaining & Growing your Yoga Studio with Maile Wicklander

Join Maile Wicklander, Owner of Tula Yoga Studio and Andrew Wicklander, Founder of Tula Software for a day long group discussion about the strategies and tactics that can work to help you sustain and grow your studio business. Learn more.


Chair Yoga - Breathing & Movement Intensive with Jessica Rosenberg 

Did you know that the baby-boom generation is turning 65 at a rate of 8,000 people a day and expected to almost double by 2030? There is a huge demand for Chair Yoga movement based wellness services. Join Jessica Rosenberg, who’s materials have been studied and researched by the University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality and Healing for an interactive and educational Chair Yoga - Breathing & Movement Intensive. Learn more.

Classical Yoga vs. Modern Yoga with Arundhati Baitmangalkar

This all day intensive will cover the origins of yoga, its journey through time, how it was passed on, what its true form was, how it evolved, the major sources (yoga sutras, bhagavad gita,vedas, upanishads) what is modern yoga, the differences between the two, yoga in the east & the west and the new face of yoga.

Arundhati brings you this ancient passage through time with a fun, vibrant discussion and yoga practice that is relevant to teachers and students alike. Learn more.