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Indu at the 2017 MYC

  • Friday Intensive
  • 3 Weekend Workshops
  • Closing Ceremony 

Yoga Therapy Intensive with Indu Arora


12 Tools of Yoga Therapy with Indu Arora 

Yoga is a complete spiritual practice and that is why it is considered Sadhana. However, it offers about 12 tools that can be used as a part of wellbeing/ therapy for everyday imbalances along with Ayurveda. Without understanding of Ayurveda, the knowledge of Yoga as Therapy is not only incomplete but impossible. 


In this full day intensive we shall cover the following

  1.  In-depth study of what are these 12 tools
  2. Meaning and scope of yoga therapy
  3. Qualities of a Yoga therapist
  4. Integration of Ayurvedic principles of Dwadasha (12) Prana, Pancha Pitta and Pancha Kapha in Yoga practice as therapy
  5. Signs of prakruti (balance/ healing) and vikruti (imbalance) in a practice. 

Yoga Therapy is not about physical alignment as an exercise or similar to physiotherapy, it is an entirely different and complete subject which deals with body as just a small aspect of our being. As such Yoga is a work-In and not a work-OUT. This full day intensive is open to beginners as well as advanced practitioners of Yoga and Yoga Therapy. It comes with a promise that you shall leave the session soaked in purposeful information. 


* I would highly encourage you to participate in the entire Yoga therapy track to get full benefit. It is designed with care and precision to value your time, money and energy. 

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