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Jes at the 2017 MYC

  • Friday Intensive
  • 2 Weekend Workshops 

Chair Yoga - Breathing & Movement Intensive

Did you know that the baby-boom generation is turning 65 at a rate of 8,000 people a day and expected to almost double by 2030? There is a huge demand for Chair Yoga movement based wellness services. Join Jessica Rosenberg, who’s materials have been studied and researched by the University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality and Healing for an interactive and educational Chair Yoga - Breathing & Movement Intensive. 

Learn dynamic, safe, and effectively ways to enrich the lives of abled and disabled people through the positive yogic principles and mindfulness practices that are incorporated into Chair Yoga. Chair Yoga’s therapeutic adaptive exercises work the body from head to toe promoting wellbeing. The movements help to alleviate chronic pain, relieve high anxiety and stress levels, elevate quality of life, lower blood pressure, improve sleep patterns, and manage depression. The modified stretches are great for people in any condition to do anytime and anywhere, whether in a yoga studio, in a school classroom, at a business as a mid-day office break, or in a nursing home facility. 

The workshop is packed full of practical tools to become a qualified Chair Yoga teacher - poses, breathing exercises, games, and relaxation techniques - for you to create infinite number of engaging classes. We will also be discussing many topics from the benefits of yoga fitness in a chair, anatomy, body-mind connection, and props. You will even have an opportunity to develop and present to the group your own Chair Yoga pose. At the end of the course you will come out with an abundance of knowledge and creative ideas to teach with.


  • Yoga novices, parents, grandparents, caregivers, or school educators are welcome to attend. 
  • No experience teaching yoga necessary. 
  • Chair Yoga book on iTunes / iBooks: http://apple.co/1bjoEF2
  • 6-hour workshop with handouts, complete manual or manual PDF sold separately.
  • 6-hours of CEU’s

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