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Kathy at the 2017 MYC

  • Friday Intensive 

Moving and Learning: Helping educators create safe classrooms with Heart, Mind, and Body with Kathy Flaminio


In order for students to feel safe in the classroom we need know how to administer first aid to nervous systems that are on high alert. Often students are showing up with trauma/stress that impedes the learning process. The human body knows how to move into fight/flight/freeze and rest/digest. The key is to teach children/teens to soothe their nervous system with specific breath work, mindfulness practices and yoga-based movement. Paying attention to the body provides answers on how to intervene. 

In this workshop participants will learn and experience how yoga-based movement, breathing techniques, social/emotional learning activities and mindfulness practices can be used in classrooms as a powerful tool for healing and creating safety.

This workshop is for anyone working with children/teens. In this session you will learn the art of designing mind-body practices for

  • Self-regulation
  • Focus
  • De-escalation
  • Community Connection
  • Overall wellbeing

Objectives for Participants

  1. Recognize signs of trauma/stress  
  2. Explore the art of creating safe space
  3. Examine the impact of trauma/stress on the nervous system and how to intervene effectively using a principle based mind-body approach
  4. Demonstrate the role of trauma informed yoga-based movement, mindfulness activities and relaxation techniques in regaining a sense of safety in the body 
  5. Practice six movement sequences for calming, releasing, engaging, centering, focusing, and transitioning. 

Child/Adolescent Outcomes:

  1. To develop the ability to utilize mind-body techniques to manage emotions, transitions and stressors
  2. To learn how to use yoga-based movement, breath work and relaxation techniques in regaining a sense of safety in the body
  3. To develop stability and self-control 
  4. To develop a knowledge base of neuroscience/neuroplasticity in understanding how the mind/body are connected
  5. To develop an ability to focus and concentrate on a given task
  6. To develop the ability to make positive choices that respect and support one’s self and others
  7. To develop the ability to tolerate conflicts and creatively and compassionately problem-solve to resolve them

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