Friday March 3

Friday Intensive Descriptions


8:30am - 4:30pm: Ten Individual Day long intensives

4:30pm: Marketplace opens

6:30pm-7:30: Friday night opening ceremony with Tori Reynolds and Ben Rivet. 

8:00pm: Social Hour


Saturday March 4, 2017

Saturday Workshop Descriptions


7:30-8:00am: Opening Meditation

8:00am: Marketplace Opens

8:30am - 10:30am: Seven Individual Workshops

10:30 - 11:45: Shop the marketplace, eat food, receive bodywork.

12:00-2:00: Nine Individual workshops

2:00 - 3:30: Shop the marketplace, eat food, get some bodywork, get some energy work, relax and recharge.

3:30 - 5:30: Five Individual Workshops

6:30pm - Marketplace closes

8pm - 10pm - 2 Nighttime class offerings to end the day the way that's best for you.

Sunday March 5, 2017

Sunday Workshop Descriptions


7:30am-8:00am: Opening Meditation

8:30am - 10:30am: Eight Individual Workshops

10:00am: Marketplace opens

10:30am - 11:45am: Shop the marketplace, eat food & take mini-privates.

12:00-2:00pm: Seven Individual Workshops

2:00pm - 3:00pm: Shop the marketplace, eat some food, relax & recharge.

3:00pm - 4:00pm: Closing Ceremony with Indu Arora.

5:00pm: Marketplace closes

Workshop Table of Events

Use our interactive table of events to plan your weekend and pick your workshops.

Saturday & Sunday workshops

Sat 8-10:30am Sat 12-2pm Sat 3:30-5:30pm Sat 8:00-10pm Sun 8:30-10:30am Sun 12-2pm
Faith Hunter Fierce, Fire & Float (Inversions & Arm Balances) Reggae Dancehall Assisting &Hands-on Adjustments: Energy, Breath & Stillness flySOUL
Rolf Gates Faith and Flow Being Still with Skill: Vinyasa + Meditation Session Intention and Being
Indu Arora Sthula Kriyas of Yoga Therapy Sukshma Kriyas of Yoga Therapy Yoga Nidra as Yogic Nectar
Molly McManus Mind Study - Using the Tools of Yoga Therapy for Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing Reversing the Stress Response with Soma Yoga - The Physiology of Freedom
David Regelin Vinyasa Upaya: Effortless Effort The Joy of Handstands Sun Salutations: Foundational Formulation for a Breath Based Vinyasa Practice
Simon Park Freedom On The Edge - Inversions + Arm Balances Hip + Shoulder Opening = Blissful Backbends Flow with Force: Freestyle Vinyasa Workshop Liquid Flow Yoga
Natalie McGreal Heart Centered Gentle Yoga The Art of Relaxation
Tiffany Denny Happy Feet Blame it on the Upper Traps
Leo Rising Reclaim The Divine Masculine SoulStrong Sadhana
Marni Scarloff Durga - Unstoppable You Transformative Hip Openers Live Everything
Nathan Paulus Basics of Internal Yoga: Understanding and working from the midline Basics of Internal Yoga: 5 Inner Senses - Uniting Intention, Activation and Intelligence
Julia Thiesen Nourishing the Subtle Energy Body with Yin Yoga
Gracia Gimse McKinley Look in, Act Out: Namaste as a Spiritual Practice
Lara Parkin The hip bones connected to the leg bones
Kristi Taylor Solar Acrobatic AcroYoga Playshop Lunar Thai and Fly
Jes Rosenberg Benefits And Useful Tips for Teaching Mindfulness And Yoga To Children; Tots To Teens Oxygen Cocktail Bar - Breathing Techniques To Feel Light Of Limb
Elizabeth Perisco Aqua Yoga