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Featured Tract: Yoga Therapy with Indu Arora and Molly McManus

The Minneapolis Yoga Conference is proud to host a collaboration between Indu Arora and Molly McManus to provide students and teachers of the MYC an entire tract dedicated to Yoga Therapy. With over 16 hours of study available, the Yoga Therapy tract at the 2017 MYC will allow teachers and students alike to deepen their practice in ways unavailable at any other conference. View the full tract here.

Build Your Own Tract with our Recommended Recipes

 The example tracts outlined below are just a small sampling of what you can create with our workshop offering.

View the full schedule of events here.

Handstand Master Tract

The 2017 MYC affords an opportunity to improve your inversions practice with some of the best instructors in the country. 

  • Saturday 8:30am: Freedom on the Edge: Inversions and Arm Balances with Simon Park
  • Saturday 12:00pm: Fierce, Fire and Float: Inversions and Arm balance with Faith Hunter
  • Saturday 3:30pm: The Joy of Handstands with David Regelin

Accessibility Tract

Learn how to bring more yoga to more people with classes specifically designed to help you make it more accessible.

  • Friday Intensive: Chair Yoga with Jes Rosenberg
  • Saturday 12pm: Aqua Yoga with Elizabeth Perisco

Anatomy Tract

Join Dr. Tiffany Denny and Minnesota's own Lara Parkin as they provide three workshops designed to improve your understanding of yoga from an anatomic standpoint.

  • Saturday 8:30am: Happy Feet with Dr. Tiffany Denny
  • Saturday 12:00pm: The Hip Bones Connected to the Leg Bones with Lara Parkin
  • Saturday 3:30pm: Blame it on the Upper Traps with Dr. Tiffany Denny

Bring it to the kids!

Learn the specific tactics you can use to bring the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to children.

  • Friday Intensive: Moving and Learning: Helping Educators create safe classrooms with Heart, Mind and Body.
  • Saturday 8:30am: Benefits and Useful Tips for Bringing Yoga and Mindfulness to Children. 

Beyond Asana

A less physically intense offering designed to access all of yoga with a little less Vinyasa.

  • Saturday 8:30am: Heart Centered Gentle Yoga with Natalie McGreal
  • Saturday 12pm: Mind Study - Using the Tools of Yoga Therapy for Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing with Molly McManua
  • Saturday 3:30pm: Being Still with Skill: Vinyasa + Meditation Session with Rolf Gates
  • Sunday 8:30am: Look in, Act Out: Namaste as a Spiritual Practice with Gracia Gimse McKinley
  • Sunday 12pm: Multiple offerings with Nathan Paulus, Indu Arora

Vinyasa Vinyasa Vinyasa

We get it. You know there's more to yoga than just the physical practice, but what you want right now is the intense physical practice. This offering is for you.

  • Saturday 8:30am: Freedom On The Edge - Inversions + Arm Balances with Simon Park
  • Saturday 12pm: Vinyasa Upaya: Effortless Effort with David Regelin
  • Saturday 3:30pm: Durga - Unstoppable You with Marni Sclaroff
  • Sunday 8:30am: Sun Salutations: Foundational Formulation for a Breath Based Vinyasa Practice with David Regelin
  • Sunday 12pm: Multiple offerings with Faith Hunter, Leo Rising and Simon Park