Yoga Bella is a unique, personalized studio in Chanhassen (near the western edge of Eden Prairie) where quality instruction meets kind, caring staff and students, for an experience that is unlike any other.  Yoga Bella offers a wide range of class types, as well as a wonderful team of certified instructors, who each bring their unique personalities and areas of expertise to the studio. 

Yoga Bella offers a complete yoga experience – nurturing mind, body and spirit.  Our instructors create classes that are accessible to our students. We seek ways to challenge and inspire, while monitoring progress and ensuring that each student feels “success” on their mat! The focus at Yoga Bella is not on the mastery of the pose, but of the journey and discoveries along the way.   The great reward for us as a studio is when students begin to notice changes they are experiencing in their lives because of yoga.  They notice they can touch their toes for the first time, they have a reduction in aches and pains, they tell us they “feel better”, “have more energy” or their life has simply become “more manageable.” We’d like to get to know you. We invite you to become a part of our yoga community.